Cold, Black & Everlasting

by As Autumn Calls

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Cold, Black & Everlasting is a personal journey towards finding contentment. Full of dark emotion and introspective thought As Autumn Calls uses their unique blend of atmospheric death doom to tell this story through deeply honest and sincere music. Expanding on the simple nature of their music by exploring new ground with acoustic passages, sorrowful melodies and raw heaviness As Autumn Calls continues to forge their own path in a doomed world. All that remains is Cold, Black & Everlasting..."

Cold, Black & Everlasting was written, recorded, mixed & mastered by As Autumn Calls. Album cover and back cover is an original canvass painting by Wallace R. Gillard. (

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released October 25, 2013



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As Autumn Calls

Atmospheric Death/Doom.

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Track Name: Haunted
As the Earth opened and swallowed her body
As the sky came down and hid my tears
As my soul turned black and darkness swallowed me
As the red leaves fell to the cold, wet ground

The ghost of her memory
In all that I see
I gaze into the water
I can almost reach her hand
When my fingers touch the surface
and her face disappears
All that remains are the waves
Crashing against the shore

As daylight fled and night came to be
As the moon awoke and lit the pale stone
As my cries were lost, amidst the screaming wind
As the vision of her leaving, haunted my dreams

As the days went by and the leaves joined the earth
As the autumn departed and brought the cold of winter

A life once lived, a life that was lost
Like all on this Earth that come to an end
They wither and die... so too did we
Track Name: Black Night Silent
Screaming at the night, questions it couldn't answer
All that it shouted back was silence
In the black of the night the end came
Bringing with it the death of my soul

Blinding emotion, crippling fears
Hands shaking, raised towards the sky
In desperation I search the darkness
Still no answer from the blackened night

I awaken to the sound of the dawn breaking
A painful sight, the sun piercing the clouds
Shedding light on my misery and despair
A reminder that this was no dream

Blinding emotion, crippling fears
Hands shaking, raised towards the sky
In desperation I search the darkness
Still no answer from the blackened night

How do I move on? I plead with the sun
It's rays respond no more than the night
Leaving behind everything I once loved
All that remains is cold, black & everlasting

So begins the journey to find what lies beyond
A painful step towards what might be my last
I can't foresee what is to come
I know only, it is no better than the past
Track Name: These Doleful Shades
The solitude is silent and complete
I've never felt more alone…
The darkness growing inside of me
Weighs heavy upon my heart

A cool breeze touches my face
Reminding me that I'm still alive
In these waning moments of life
I can feel myself slipping away

My sorrow runs cold and deep
Like the lake which lies before me
Flowing with the endless tears
Of my hollow, desperate soul

I stand forlorn upon the shores
Staring vacantly into the distance
The fog seeps silently across the water
Drawing me in deeper and deeper

My sorrow runs cold and deep
Like the fog which surrounds me
Seeping with the endless grief
Of my bleak, mournful soul

Life - These doleful shades
Pale, dark and grey
Cold – The seasons change
But the sadness never fades
Death - Take me away
Far from all of this pain
Alone – I shall remain
To bask within my misery
Track Name: The Light Which No Longer Shines
I find myself reflecting
more often these days
Lost deep within myself
I can’t seem to escape this

The light that shines
Has finally died
I see darkness
I am dead inside

I find myself falling
And I don’t even care
I am tired of all this
But I still can’t let go

The light that shines
Has finally died
I see darkness
I am dead inside

For all that I give
For everything I do
I can’t stop myself
from drifting further

The light has died
It no longer shines
Darkness take me
I am dead inside

I find myself reflecting
more often these days...
Track Name: Darkness Reflected
A great darkness fell
Bringing forth great sorrow
The light slowly fades
Draping the world in shadow
A darkness beyond dark
Impenetrable and bleak
Like a being of its own
In silence gently seeps

Of my soul
Casting forth
Misery and woe
The world
A bleak mirror
A gateway
Into my regret

It's suffocates all life
As it paints the landscape dead
It steals away my sight
And clouds my heavy head
Deeper through the darkness
My dismal path weaves
If I don't find my way
This will surely kill me

Of my soul
Casting forth
Misery and woe
The world
A bleak mirror
A gateway
Into my regret

The desolate creations
of my failing mind
The profound yearning
of my desperate soul
Forlorn to wander in solitude
Endlessly searching
for an end to this journey

As hope abandons me
I am content to close my eyes
My body falls numb and broken
And my soul silently cries
I glimpse through the trees
To find the image of you
Distorted and fading
And I realize that I'm not far
Track Name: Darkness Confined
I seek the place
Where the Autumn breeze blows
Where the leaves have fallen
Painting the ground in gold

I seek the place
Where the horizon is grey
Where the light reflects
Gently upon the waves

I can't seem to find this place
It always seems beyond my grasp
Though I know it can't be far
I know this might be my last chance

So I'll struggle on once more
And carry on through the dark
Until I find the morning light
To find the place I dream about

I seek the place
Where I've been once before
Where I've found contentment
Leaving me wanting more

I seek the place
Where I am all alone
Where no one else dwells
That I can call my home
Track Name: Darkness Everlasting
The sun peered through the clouds
In an otherwise colourles sky
I looked around and took in the beauty
For I knew this moment was mine...

Now that I am back here again
I feel somehow disappointed
Things don't feel the same
The last time I came this way
I left inspired...

Maybe it was the way the light
cast shadows through the trees
Maybe it was the gleam of the water
as the waves rolled against the shore
Maybe it was the late Autumn breeze
that forewarned the arrival of Winter
Maybe it was the timing of the song
playing gently in my ears

Maybe I'll never feel like that again
for the hope inside me is gone
Maybe I'll live out the rest of my days
longing for the inspiration I felt
Maybe it was only my imagination
and I never really felt anything at all
Maybe it was a second chance
to reignite the spark within me
Maybe it's still there hidden deep
within the shadows of my soul
Maybe I knowingly wasted away
the only chance I ever had
Maybe it was that perfect moment
which I will forever strive to recreate
Maybe it was that perfect moment
which is forever gone