An Autumn Departure

by As Autumn Calls

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Written from 2005-2008. Originally recorded to be released exclusively on cassette but later the decision was made to release it on CD.


released May 31, 2011

All music and lyrics were written by As Autumn Calls with the exception of 'Murder' which was written by Katatonia.

Recorded by As Autumn Calls. Mixed and mastered at Sardonic Moon Studio by Darren Favot.

Album covers for cassette and CD by Wallace R. Gillard. (

Inlay photography by James.
Album design and layout by Naturmacht Design.

CD released by Naturmacht Productions. (Sold Out)
Cassette (Limited to 100 copies) released by The Northern Cold Productions.


all rights reserved



As Autumn Calls Sudbury, Ontario

Atmospheric Death/Doom from Canada.

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Track Name: Closer to Death
Everyday I come closer to death
Gasping for air with every breath
The cold reality of all my fears
Tears me down and moves me to tears
It has always been hard for me
Maybe something you could not see
Solitude a cunning friend
Crafting the means to a lonely end
I have chosen life in this way
Avoiding the perils of each new day
Turning hope into agony
The depression has taken me...

Take me to see the angels
So I may pluck the feathers from their wings
Come to me and I will bring you down
Sometimes I dream of being alive
But the feeling quickly passes
Take away my pain so I may feel joy again

I hold the handle of a knife
That I may take my own life
Everyday my heart aches such as this
Oh how I long for joy's gentle kiss
But here I lie cold and alone
Where the tears are for my own
Trapped in this dark cell
A shadowy place I know too well

Under the beauty of an ethereal moon
In a raging sea of endless gloom
Ebony dreams fade into the night
Beyond my grasp they take their flight

Take me to see the angels
So I may pluck the feathers from their wings
Come to me and I will bring you down
Sometimes I dream of being alive
But the feeling fades… it fades
Take away my pain so I may feel joy again
Track Name: The Shadows Follow
The shadows follow me
They hold me within their grasp
Hiding me from hungry eyes
I’m a silhouette of a man
Forgotten before I’m ever known
Dying as I live my life
It is lonely here in this darkness
I try and sleep the pain away

In the darkness, hear me cry
In the darkness I live to die
In the darkness, I will wallow
In the darkness, the shadows follow

My hopes and dreams lie dead
Beneath a veil of black
I know death lurks nearby
Watching me... waiting for me...
I’ve tried a million times
To find a place to hide
No matter what I do
The shadows will follow

No emotion inside of me
Everything is so obscure
I cannot tell what is real

The sun begins to fade away
As the music slowly dies
I dream of you as I fade away
Track Name: The Demons Therein
I thought I slew them all
But they surround me
In the dead of night
Whispering their intentions
Into my weakening ears
So dark and so cruel
They bring me down
Oh, they bring me down

I find them hiding deep
In the morning light
Waiting to return again
Their voices are hollow
Echoing through my mind
So dark and so cruel
They bring me down
Oh, they bring me down

They burden me with dark thoughts
Ripping and tearing me apart
So that I am dead to the world
Track Name: Wither Away
Despite what they say, time cannot heal every wound
And when you were taken from me, I lost everything
All reason for existence, all reason for anything at all
Dark clouds formed, masking the warmth of summer

The leaves began to wither away and die
I could never again face the light of the sun
Never again would I visit the place where we danced
Beneath the singing trees and the pale grey moon above

The sadness became anger, and the anger become hate
Every night I cried in the dark gloom of the night
As I walked aimlessly through the shadow forest
Drifting further away from all I had ever known

I remember holding you in my arms the night you died
As I kissed your soft lips and caressed your skin
Your skin was so pale and you became so cold
There was nothing I could do but cry in pain

My thoughts became dark and I gave myself to the moon
That night I prayed for my own death, but it was all in vain…
Track Name: In The Emptiness
I dreamt of you again
Arm in arm we walked
We laughed and we smiled
Oh what a beautiful girl
I held you close to me
I dared not let you go

Time was a forgotten word
All that mattered was us
I gazed into your eyes
My whole world died
Awakened to an empty room
A prison of solitude

In the emptiness I bask in sorrow...
Track Name: Without You
I can't see
The tears... they blind me
I can't scream
The silence deafening
I can't sleep
The pain runs too deep
I can't feel
It all seems so unreal
So it seems
Everything was taken from me
All I want now
Is you... beside me

And I want you now
More than anything else...
When I think of you
There is nothing else...
And when I close my eyes
All I see is you...
And when I cry
Every tear is for you
How can I go on
Without you...
How can I live my life
Without you...

Still I reach out to no one
I want to be left alone
To bask within my sadness
My time is soon approaching
And I can't live without you
Oh how I wish to be with you
Track Name: Unearth My Sorrow
The darkness grows
Unearthing my sorrow
The light fades
Leaving doleful shades

The silent cries
Hopelessness inside my eyes
The broken screams
Haunt me in my dreams

These thoughts of you
The past I still pursue
The constant shame
Harbour all the blame

The nights grow colder
The days grow shorter
A constant reminder
(Of how I left you)

A heavy snowfall
A cold and empty stare
I vaguely remember
(Leaving you there)

(Repeat Chorus)

The sleepless nights
Beneath the dim lights
A long drawn out breath
The cold hands of death

An icy chill
Everything frozen still
A dreamlike state
The cold hands of fate

(Repeat Chorus)

My worlds painted dead
In shades of black and grey
I no longer see the point
In facing another dismal day
I much rather end it all
And be rid of all this pain… once and for all
Track Name: An Autumn Departure (Outro)
It was the end of Autumn
And everything was dying
Like the Autumn leaves that fell silently
So to did she fall away from me
Drifting gracefully to the earth
To sleep and dream eternally…

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